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The service platform for the digital transformation of your digital transformation of your healthcare organisation

Taking care of the most precious things in life

vadigu Healthy Software

It facilitates the management of the patient cycle in hospitals, from the administrative part of health to the digital service and care, allowing to offer a better service.

Health platform

Our software is designed for digital clinical processes. Through our platform, health care providers transfer to their patients the benefits of technology to improve patient care and safety.

HIS Cloud

Integrated Hospital Information System

Cost recovery

Platform for recovery of Hospital Expenses, co-payments, agreements, settlement of medical fees, etc..

Digital prescription

Integrated prescribing, home dispensing of medicines, prescription portal, etc.

Patient monitoring

Monitoring of chronic pathologies, COVID, Dengue, customised protocols, post hospitalisation, mobile app for Android / iOS platforms.

Integration with WhatsApp

Notification of messages, cancellation of appointments, laboratory studies, etc.


Teleconsultation Platform


Complete medical history, integrated SNOMED, Decision support, etc.


Interoperability Platform, HL7, FHIR, National eHealth Network.


Doctors' and nurses' desks, Indicators, Situation rooms, etc.

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About Vadigu Healthy Platform

Vadigu Software created for the management of modern sanatoriums that need facilities to manage and improve the care and administrative registration of their patients, offering them:

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